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[Guide] PvP Build Theory

PvP Build Theory

I have wanted to get this off my chest for some time now.  Criticizm is expected. But please try to keep it constructive.

Before we can really talk about PvP builds, it's necessary to understand what the current Totem War situation is like. Unfortunately, there are level-based adjustments to hit rates and damage formulas.  That means that any high level character will do a great deal of damage to any low level character and receive very little damage in return almost regardless of armor, weapon, or magic.  Tales of high-levels running around killing dozens of low-levels at once with area effect tactics are mostly truth.

In one-on-one duels, combat before level 56 is a resource battle. To be able to make a kill, you have to be able to overcome the opponent's potions.  So the loser tends to be the person whose potion supply runs out first.  Therefore ganging up on lone opponents is a common tactic in order to make kills quickly.

Complicating this further, the item mall has a whole series of items, and lucky bags that can give a huge advantage in PvP.  Even the bonuses from common scrolls are huge and can decide a battle between someone who has them and someone who doesn't.  I wouldn't be surprised at all to hear the top PvP players were spending $100 USD or more per month to keep their advantages.

That means any discussion of any build's usefulness in PvP has a (usually unwritten) qualification “when levels and resources are equal.”  Consider yourself warned.

The Rock, Paper, Scissors game
If we take a look at just the pure builds, a pattern develops. The general three types are combat types, shoot types, and magic types.

Combat types include the Protector, Warrior, Swordsman, and Spearman.  These types have powerful close-range physical attacks,and heavy armor to weather any physical attacks they get in return. Because they lack magic defense and are limited to Panther Kill overlong range, they are easy prey for magic types who are able to use spells to bypass their physical protection and stay out of range, but can easily drive away archers, who lack the means of penetrating heavy armor. (More on Panther Kill a bit later.)

Shoot types are limited to the Archer.  Archers can deliver physical attacks at range, and feature skills and techniques specifically designed to thwart a mage's spell casting. So magic types tend to be easy prey.  But combat types often force the archer to retreat,as they have much more physical defense.

Magic types include the Priest, Wizard, Summoner, and Magician. All of these types have spells to slow down or even stop the movement of an enemy combatant, and magical attacks ignore the physical defenses of heavy armor.  So magic types tend to find combat types easy prey in spite how much combat types like to boast of their high HP being protection enough. (Remember, it's the one who runs out of potions who loses, and they cure at a flat rate.)  However, archers tend to make short work of mages.

So in short, Protectors kill Archers, Archers kill Wizards, and Wizards kill Protectors.  Just like a game of Rock, Scissors, Paper. But this is all considering pure classes.  We have the option of combining skills from two or more jobs to create the set right for our own needs.  So, the goal of any PvP build is to short-circuit this little arrangement as much as possible.

Game Killer: Panther Kill 5
Panther Kill will allow a warrior to do something against a  magic user.  However, they aren't all that powerful for the SP used.  A warrior stuck in that position would eventually be Blood Storming to keep up the assault, and that does more HP damage to himself than the enemy.  But Panther Kill 5 is in a different class entirely.  This skill appears to multiply the user's attack power instead of adding to it.  The result is an attack that can all-too-often kill in one shot.  So between the levels of 56 and 65, the Protector goes from being a somewhat weak killer, to being the best of the best.  Any build with and Axe or Spear skill can bring out the best of PK5(assuming they can actually find it).  But only pure protectors have any real defense against it.

Until the level 60 cap is lifted, that makes the Protector really powerful. But there are very likely more Game Killers waiting out there at higher level.  Don't be discouraged.  This does, however,mean that most PvP builds include an Axe or Spear skill to take full advantage of PK5.

A sampling of builds

Totem defender
Axe, Grapple, Enhance, Reserve, Shield, Mantle.
This is a variant of the Protector that addresses the specific weakness of the combat set, magic defense.  The loss of physical defense by downgrading to mantle is matched by the additional physical defense of the shield.  At the same time, the combined magical defense of a shield and the magical defense of light armor allows the Totem Defender to be as well protected against magic as any Vestment wearing spell caster.  The one downside is that the Totem Defender is still limited to the offensive attacks of a Protector. Although the Totem Defender is no easy prey for a magic user, magic users are not easy prey for the Totem Defender either (before PK5).

Axe or Spear, Grapple or Snipe, Reserve, Longbow, Enhance, Garment.
(Edit: Oops! Grapple and Snipe are incompatible on the same character.  My mistake!)
At first glance, this looks like a basic hybrid of a warrior and archer.  But what people don't expect is that the bonuses of Grapple, Snipe, Reserve, and Eagle Eye all stack with each other regardless of the weapon used.  So this hybrid has attacks as powerful as any pure class.  Magic users are easily dealt with by longbow snipes if not by PK5, and pure archers don't have a defense to match the Samurai.  Unfortunately this could come at a cost of HP, and the Samurai can be vulnerable to ambush.  The two skills Axe and Longbow will both need special training to keep this build in fighting form.

Chaos Archer
Chaos, Curse, Axe or Life, Longbow, Snipe, Vestment
This is one of the most talked about builds on the forums.  The unexpected twist here is that longbow and magic attacks do not interfere with each other.  Although Chaos magic's output will suffer a bit when a staff isn't equipped, the Chaos Archer is able to attack a target with both snipes and magic at the same time, doing extreme damage to any warrior or mage caught in their path.  Otherwise they are much like a wizard, and a pure Archer or Samurai (above) can take them down.

Ultimate M.Soldier
Chaos, Life, Curse, Axe, Grapple, Vestment
This is a late-game greed build that would come into its own after the level cap gets lifted.  PK5 from an axe is the best way to deal with any soft targets, while combined life and chaos spells are most effective at dealing with any hard targets.  Life's Blessing and Grapple provide enough HP to keep from being one-shotted, in theory. So this might be the Ultimate PvP build.  But personally, I'm not certain there is a flaw in that logic somewhere.

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Very impressive guide. Beats my Totem Battle Guide by a mile. I really want to try some of the builds out, but, I'm very lazy when it comes to training. XD


well im life chaos, and heres my exp
at lv 60, any combat type pvp with chaos,  its still a pain, because nobody can kill no one..
protectors does about 200-400 on mage, and mage does about 600-800 , but due to the hp difference
it will cancle out each other, and at the end...no one will die...if theres potion.

i'd say, pvp is pretty balanced if your enemy does not have pk 5.
any pk 5 users would break up the balance---combat types does more dmg than mage, archer, more hp than mage, archer, more def than mage, archer......

and so far, i do not see any similar scrolls as pk 5 for mage, only fs5 for archer.

when im pvping, the only one to watch is the pk5 users...
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nicely done.

pk5 is sooo broken
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A very thoughtful post.  I suspect any further discussion of PvP builds will use this as a starting point.  I got some good information from it too.

I'm curious about where a fighting producer fits into the Rock/Paper/Scissors matrix you described.
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Is it possible for a person to have both PK5 and FS5 (what I mean can you cast PK5 with a bow or does it have to be a sword/axe/hammer/spear etc...)?


PK is an Axe/Spear/Sword skill only.

Nice look at individuals in PvP ;D


yah it is possible,  you can do axe+ bow hybrid...=.= and swtich weapons fast enough by using the
hot key.

but the problem is...can you really find both pk5 and fs5 ... it is like winning the top lottery if you find either pk5 or fs 5... trying on both...would take you at least 1 month to camp those bosses 24/7

so either make sure you can have both of them, or this build is ...bad.
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Wow, that long...

I have read that PK5 Protectors are the owners of TMWs but then hardly any of them even have it. I dislike the thought of having to swap weapons to use the "ultimate" attacks.

I don't mind using a bow, but I like the Chaos archer, however I want to be able to heal other players, although I would be seriously lacking attack and sattack power. So that would be the worst build (or extremely weak with defences)

well back on topic...

No wonder people are so crazed about PK5, I wonder how many people actually have the skill?
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i think in nisroc 3 or 4 have them..
back on topic: nice work...
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