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4th Year Anniversary – Me and My AO

4th Year Anniversary – Me and My AO

Angels, un un! It’s been 4 long years since we’ve kicked off and I’m sure that many of you have great memories to share!

Do you recall your first kill, the Wild Lily? Those days, you were just a junior angel, working your way up to contribute to the Angel Community. Looking back at the climb sure brings back memories. Instead of keeping these memories, why not seize the opportunity to share our fondest memories of Angels Online this thanksgiving. There are loads of rewards to be won!

Event Duration
From November 15th to December 5th EST(GMT-5)

December 5th to December 8th

Event Location
Event zone

Event Reward
Champion(1 player): Wind Pterosaur*1
Runner-up(2 players): ABC*1
3rd Place(3 players): MBC*1
Consolation Prize: Luxurious Wedding Ticket*1

Rules and Regulations
1. Participants need to start a new thread in the Event zone, posts must be titled with[ Me and My AO].
2. Send us your video entries of your adventures to us. The videos must be AO-related (Quests, PVP, Instances, events, partying, etc).The video should be at least 1 minute.
3. Upload the videos in this format:
Copy to clipboard
[flash]Video Link[/flash]
3. The content of your video may include snippets of images found in the AO website.
4. Upload the AO related video to Youtube and then post the link in the AO forum.
5. You need also upload your entries on Facebook and include the web-link (URL) in your posts.
6. You may submit multiple entries, but only one of these entries will qualify for our prize.
7. We reserve the right to use your videos elsewhere on our website, or materials.
8. Anything posted in violation of the forum rules will result in the player being disqualified.
9. Entries must not contain plagiarized or copyrighted material, nor include offensive or indecent themes/messages.
10. IGG reserves the right to final interpretation of all rules and rewards, as well as the right to amend or remove any and all rules, restrictions and rewards without prior notice.

Here are some guides about how to make and upload video:


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Does it have to be a real video taken in AO or can you old screenies?



Bleh too bad I uninstalled AO a while back and lost a few years of screenies.


-starts compiling all my screenies from all 3 of my computers to make into a slide show sort of thing.


4 years playing this...i never thought id make it this far playing a game i found out by accident lol...


Original posted by kaflichet at 11-15-2011 23:56
4 years playing this...i never thought id make it this far playing a game i found out by accident lol...
well i'm not playing this for 4  years, but same o.o i found it by accident LOL

Child of Man. What do you seek from this world?


Well I started playing AO in early-August 2009 in Haniel for one week but I quited for almost one month and a half. Then I came back in mid-October same year to choose Ares and since then I still playing AO

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first event ever.jpg (143.29 KB)

11-16-2011 01:22

i wish have played since AO started

first event ever.jpg

first event ever.png (233.66 KB)

11-16-2011 01:22

i become AO full time player after one month from this announcement xD

first event ever.png

Lvl 20x
Lvl 181
Sew 191
Prod #1
Server Ares


:O , I uninstalled AO before so no pics from the back :OOO , I have alot of fun playing'h AO <3
Have fun babeh ;3 , òppæn Gangnam Style


So, can we do a talky video? I have lost all my old screenies and I don't have some Capture software. Could we draw AO pictures and talk about them, for example?

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Me and My AO

I still remember when I was only lvl 4 fighting slarms and lilies. Then my father told me that we were going to Malaysia for a short holiday. When we got there, I quickly rushed out of the car and go to my relatives house. They all play AO too. I still remember when I first downloaded the game. Then when I'm at lvl 40 I joined alot of HBFs, then in 4 days I leveled up to 55. Thats when I quit for awhile b4 rejoining back. That  was all I remember. Good time good times.


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