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Pure Wraith Summoner Guide

Pure Wraith Summoner Guide


For 1 month now, I have been playing Angel's Online and wanted to become the least popular class. That is when I noticed a low population of pure wraith summoners, who somehow become Earth for hp and mp regens. For pure wraith summoners, like myself, I will guide you in not just leveling ways, but tactical ways to improve yourself much quicker skill and leveling wise.


Now the question becomes, what's the point of summoning creatures? Well, we as summoners have the ability called soul entangle to distract our enemies. This allows our summoned monsters to attack the enemy for us, and to serve as a tank to cast our wraith spells. The higher the skills become, the better chances that the enemy would run while our creatures chase it. With a pet, this becomes an even better chance.

When bossing, there is also a minor trick to becoming the laziest hunter. As you cast soul entangle and witness your monster fighting, try to distance yourself enough to see that their hp bar disappears. Once this happens, go back to the boss WITHOUT having any monster interfering, and left click it again. Your summoned creature will automatically attack it without allowing the boss to come close enough to AOE you.


One of the hardest parts to really speak for the majority of players out there who loves to take risks. However, remember to fight where there are bigger spawns, and room to rest due to our magical points.

1-15 Angel Lyceum
Enemies: Slarms or Elemental Elves

Enemies: Fight enemies that are one map away from your city.

Enemies: Go an extra step and take the next map. Remember, use your creatures as a tank to not only spam spells away, but to see which enemies you can handle.

25 - 35
Enemies: Frantic Wizards are good at this point, although you may want to keep training on simpler enemies until you feel confident enough.

35 - 41
Enemies: Head to crashing hillrocks, and fight the green wolves. Although many players inhabit this area, chances are this will be a lot quicker than harder enemies such as lake deathwoods or circus tyrants. This goes well for any city.

Enemies: Let me point out that this will be a grindfest for anyone. However, the best way to level is to be near a quest NPC and do the quest while training. Not only will you increase your levels, but your ranks as well. I found fighting Lake Deathwoods near Timberjack was the best.


My advice, LEARN THEM ALL. As useless as they may seem, if you want to help fellow players in boss fights, you would like spells such as weary curse or others to lower defense, physical attacks and even lowering ranged attacks. Not only do they help, but they look awesome as well.

As a side bonus, try to also get the level 5 spells before attempting harder enemies. Believe me, they are your best options for magic attacks especially when you notice that poison dart 5 is stronger than corrosion claw 4 or blood absorption.

Questions Answered:

1. One may think that mage monsters are best due to their weakness in defense. However, spells they cast and poison effects can become sluggish for the average summoner. Pots becomes too expensive, and as far as making money goes, they might end up fighting week enemies for the whole weak. I also did not bother with skill specifics because its pretty much self explanatory in the game descriptions. Plus, if you're a pure wraith, it tends to be consistent aside from the vestment being the slowest to level. But, yes leveling skills is a must if you want to succeed further! Levels is good too, but skill levels is a must to wear good armor.

2. I'm not sure if there is a limit as to how many skills you can learn due to the very fact that mine went to page 2 on the skill options. If you or anyone has feedback onto skill limits, please let me know A.S.A.P.


Summoners are your friends when dealing with melee type monsters, due to the creatures being able to tank it more effectively. However, when dealing with ranged monsters, you have to distance yourself a lot to not be effected. Also, summoners are the ones who weaken enemies in bigger fights, and cast status based damage to enemies. Only draw back is you might be doing a lot of sitting, unless you are one rich entrepenuer and can afford pots. Otherwise, its a fun class to see different ways to bring down enemies, and to see what creature would rise next.


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With summoner, it's best to take some pots, and take a chance. And run all the way to Shadow faction area. Fight crybabies or PaoPaos from level 20-25 in South Fungus Forest, then go to Bottomless Pit, and kill Frantic wizards there till level 35 or up.
As a summoner, fighting Mage Monsters is the best and fastest choice to level.

Nice guide too, but you need to add Pro and Cons, and tell us why to get what Skill specs(aka staff hit) and stuff.

Just so hybrids can branch off of your guide.


nice guide n_n

i got lvl 32 pure wraith summoner hehehehe


just be carefull

with the slot.  if you learn all the skill you not gonna have the ultimate skill, only can learn in level 56

im too a pure summoner but i didnt notice that when i see i only have 4 slot to learn

well when a was a young a noob player i level with the archers in dark city then with the mage and later with the priest when a was level 34 i go level with the green wolf to the level i have now 41 leveling until i know other place to level up

but my gold is to get i vampire

its sad i can get all the skill the summoners got

oh well


I'm a Wraith/Earth mage but this guide is still useful!! =D

Silly me, never thought about using the spell to make them run away and let my summoned aide chase it, hehe..

Thanks for this guide! =D


thanks this is a great guide, cuz i have a lvl 22 summoner but i left him cuz he was hard to lvl up and now i can start training it again, thanks
Love and Hapiness to All


Summoner RLZ!!! =)  Use the hit and Run Tactic, and wait that the poison effects does his work. I us a mini tactic to level fast, y use 2 missiles and let the poison ( and my  sumon companion + pet if had) ddo the rest of the work, and then i choose another monster and atack it. That way the first monster die beacuse of the poison and  you dont have to use extra mana. If you want to save money rest to recover HP and MP, else use potions.  I started  Yesterday  and in about 7 hours i  was level 23 ( a pet 23 too) and  top Student.  Today i start doing Quest. I am in aurora city =)  Thanx for the guide !!!


It's a good guide for a thrash build. I know, I started with a Summoner. People looking at this guide may be encouraged to create a Summoner while, in fact, it sucks a lot.

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well, i made a pure summoner, and i dont think it sucks... i really find it quite stronger than i expected..

jst never forget the following when playing a summoner..

1. Summon
2. Spam ur poison hit (well, this is what i do.. you could also run and hit.. but i like spamming )
3. Buff the target first (optional though)
4. Get a pet
5. watch ur mp!!!

that's all..

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Original posted by lesty2 at 2008-1-14 06:57
I'm a Wraith/Earth mage but this guide is still useful!! =D

Silly me, never thought about using the spell to make them run away and let my summoned aide chase it, hehe..

Thanks for this guide! =D ...
You should use the spell that makes them stop so they don't have to chase.
Thats what I do for my Earth/Wraith

Actually I just Hit a monster it pulls them in and my 3 monsters attack. While I attack.

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