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Useful links (not forum guides)
Angels Online WikiContains lots of data about AOAoiMasamune + Sylwira
Angels Online Pet DatabaseOutdatedDemonfire696
Official beginners' gude -
Official encyclopedia -
Official Eden Extension siteDungeon, Marriage system-
Official Atlantis Extension site-
Official Holy Battelfield site -
AngelLoveOnline WikiGoogle translation from japaniese-

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~[Guides and Tutorials Guidelines]~How to make a good guideMissiee
Help Center Forum GuidelinesAsking for helpOninji
How to askAsking for helpMydik
{ Search Button } Search Buttonchigger
how to use the search button ver. ButtonMinimalMinds
Search before posting questionSearch ButtonXShie1d
How To Take A Screenshot And Put On ForumsScreenshotsNovael
{ Commonly Broken Forum Rules } chigger
{ 10 Steps To Being A Forum Master } chigger
The Official Moderator FAQ Thread! Lasciel
{ IGG Blog } Mini-GuideIGG Blogchigger
The guide to set your BLOG categoryIGG BlogJinay77

FAQ Jinay77
Guide To Account SecurityVery good one, it is advised to read itTaliesan
How to Report a Hacker / Scammersearge
How to remove a keylogger from your pc zuhx3
What is Spyware and how to get rid of it :D alexliami1
{ Reducing Your Lag }A little bit complicated but looks that it worked for some peoplechigger
Raising Angels Online performance zuhx3
Experiencing So Called LAG searge
How to change full screen resolution to a custom figure Driminary
Fix for the black Screen ~ Cwomaz
How to get AO Soundtrack Sylwira
How to change the font...for the one from Atlantis extensionSylwira
SOLUTION for people with Vista who had problems with AO with version this problem still occure? DreamGirly
Getting free space on ur pc zuhx3

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Game handling
FAQ Jinay77
Angel Baby Guide 101Angel Babymaouse
Angel Baby: Guide on Common ProblemsAngel BabyMizanthrope
How to use Angel Baby *Newbie Guide*Angel BabySchlosskrone
Item Mall FAQItem MallXaqari
FilteringChat WindowMizanthrope
Money Making & Stall GuideStallsfire2ice
How to Set Up a StallStallsJinay77
Stalls: little useful tipsStallsbedkamione
How to set up a tradeTrading CrazedRPG
Treasure Map dwolfy
!Color Guide! ( pet name,instant message,etc )Text color changingjojopeasebr
Color Values GuideText color changingIyeru
instant message tricksText color changingusmonastir
How to put a space in your character title HeIIbourne
HotkeysCopy and paste, see: Beginner's gudeAnipz90

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Useful data (a lot of useful data available at AOwiki)
Aoi's Monstrous GrimoireMonsters' drops (a little bit outdated)AoiMasamune
MONEY, items & experience drop tables FOR NEWBIESUp to 24 lvl monsters Sylwira
Monster drops ListVery outdatedbrijeshhsejirb
Angels Online Interactive World Map! dwolfy
ULTIMATE MAPUnder developmentSylwira
Territory Areas 700100100
Totem lucky bagsDroprates of all totem lucky bagsSylwira
Odds of intensifying your weaponsAbout using pestles and lucky petlesbedkamione
Armor setsImages and bonussesSylwira
Rides dwolfy
Pattern of equips Korallen
Holy BattleField Exp 36108858
Experience List *Holy Battlefield :3* leelawliet
!League Guide Haniel! ( leaders,name,etc ) jojopeasebr
Monster Name Colors Zygroth
Collecting: Levels and PlacesOutdated Zygroth
Skills Guide for SwordsmanOutdatedfeilidxy
Emotes Exchange kingsinging
EMOTES: where to get themOutdated Anipz90
Credit and Rank Jinay77
Badge Master Stats: Crashing HillockOutdated wawrzeniec0
Monster Guide kigaro

Event guides (temporary)

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Pets (most detailed data about pets at the AOwiki: Pets)
Updated Pet Guide zuhx3
The New Pets Guide :)Quite detailed, but outdatedstuntbiker
Pet Info ^^Outadted, but nice YueTheClow
Pet Evolution Chart & Skills(completed with 2nd evo skills)Outdatedjrboy89
Pet GuideOutdatedizebreak
rare pet evolution charts (beast brute nature fairy)Outdatedsurferu
Japanese Pet Evolutions From AngelLoveOutdated DianaLW2
Pet Evolution ChartsOutdated Rhysay
Pet ChartNot much info, but nice design :)darknachan
Training your Pets!Outadted (egg's trainig answers) Lauritos
Guide for Rare EggsWere to get rare eggsCandyCandy1997
EGGSBosses that drops rare eggsciao28
Pet AbilitiesVery outdatedRikuox
Pet Scenario GuideVery outadted Rikuox
Pet Egg Guide kigaro

Tips and Leveling
PET TRAINIG - tips and AB configuration gude Sylwira
Pet Training Guide ( ELVES ONLY, 1-35 ) MZMT
Just Something Simple About Saving Money (Pet Satiation) mummydaddy
Angel Gold's 1-30 (3 hour) Pet Leveling Guide Vashish
How to lvl up your pet Fast and EASY kiba005
training your pet cutie427
Pet level guide NinoSpawn
[Pet Guide] Pet leveling guide for Life Mage(Aurora) karenboswell
Pet Level Guide - Steel Faction Heinmeister
Leveling Pet Faster,READ (O,O) Hibuki3
Pet TipsVery outdatedRikuox

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Newbie guides
"All-in-one" Guide ishak8
[Getting Started]Registering, downloading and installing the game and first steps of playingMissiee
General Newbie GuideWhen you've already started...Zombina
Ultimate AO Reference - Beginners look here!PDF file - a little bit outdated, but very funny Zhadow
MyGuide Yoshi1996
Reposted newbie guideCopied from Beginner's gude HemanChan
Magic classes/spells newbie guide rowellikins

General advices and guides
Kheem's Guide On Avoiding/Detecting Scammersspawn2991
Avoiding Scam for Dummy's Oninji
Recent Hack Site (Pics and Info's) killanjo
How To Detect GoldDigging Pirateowns
Words of WisdomCommon abbreviated words searge
Another Lesson: Teamwork sparklydemon
Guide for Apprenticeship weirdlaine
How To Be Polite... READ! grifffz
League Terra Etiquette Inaria
How NOT to be a noob thatonerevo
How to overcome your boredom Jasebazo

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Leveling (grinding) (Experience needed to level up)
Leveling without terra+Cash Inflow Guide Valkiazer
Cumulation of Grinding Techniques and Items To Use Coolcloud333
AngelBabying made easier KataroSpear
General Leveling Tips (For combat classes) omegasentios
Leveling and Crediting from Quests for Level 27-60 Mizanthrope
Leveling Guide for Beginners -> pros AAEricpeterson
Class & Pet Leveling phyra
Leveling Guide for levels 1 to 30 - All factions Azorio
Magic guide for level 1-30 Jasebazo
Leveling Weaponsmith 1-30 (other producing classes as well) SakuraBreeze7
Chen`s guide for quick leveling up producer! Chen108
for faster levelling^^ lynx014
JaKwasHere's strategy for levellingTips jakwashere
Aurora + Beast Training Guide from 1-40 Blizzard49
Leveling GuideLvl 1-30Leosean
protector new AFK lvling guide ali144
[Experience] On how to level up Protector! BuzzBeardman
the hybrid wizzard rutafxmen2
The less cost efficient method to afk-grinding exp on your producerVery expensivetorian89
quick way to lvl 20 to lvl 30 tanlibin
were to train in atlantis(widout healer only pots) Xfire98
guide for the new~~ lalala122
Lvl BIG help!! godofrace

Skill Leveling
Skill Leveling: Tips and Guides searge
Easy and Fastest way to spam hybrid build !!! taoandykimo
Holy Skilling -Effective? Perhaps :D fire2ice
Nice tips to try :D Haninawa
another skilling guide. <3 neoflux2

Boss fighting
Camping in DPR for pk5 or fs5 Chen108
How To Get Dream Piece With Life Spell! dxb50
How to defeat Asmode Laza1997
Some place for u to hunt boss[Atlantis] kingsinging
ASK FOR STRATEGY EVENT"Ask for strategy" contest guide paparose
ask for strategy event - strategies in boss hunting"Ask for strategy" contest guide  bloodshot58
Ask for Strategy Event"Ask for strategy" contest guide RexSacrorumWiz
Strategy Event"Ask for strategy" contest guide yhels09
experience discussion"Ask for strategy" contest guide davinchi
My Strategy"Ask for strategy" contest guide oblivide
ASK FOR STRATEGY"Ask for strategy" contest guide puteribulan
Ask For Strategy Event Training of level 35-50 and hunt for boss"Ask for strategy" contest guide  macoguille
Tips and strategy for killing bosses"Ask for strategy" contest guide polarbear216
Announcements (Ask For Strategy) Boss Hunting"Ask for strategy" contest guide enderase05
Ask For Strategy Event: Boss Hunting"Ask for strategy" contest guide raichuy2k
Experience Discussion"Ask for strategy" contest guide raichuy2k

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Money making
Money Making & Stall Guide fire2ice
MONEY, items & experience drop tables FOR NEWBIESWhere to farm money on low lvl mobs...Sylwira
Making Gold romerpogi
Gold Making Guide:Easy Gold for you!!!"Pet" method Oranh
Money-making Guide - make money easier!"Pet" method dratinifire
Read this if u need money =D"Pet" method Laza1997
Best way to make money on Angels Online. Sasuke1032

Quests (walkthroughs)
Getting MarriedMarriage questskillanjo
Guide of Main Quest (part 1)After defeating Asmodejoyshow
Instance Strategy-Gulp room joyshow
Instance Strategy-Magic kitch path joyshow
Piggy quest Breeze woods blue12347
Top Student Training - Walkthrough Temzin
Quests For Breezewood Capri408

Other guides
Totem Battle GuideNice but not finishedMZMT
Deadman's CreditIyeru
Guide on Topping the Death ListThe most useful guide ever... ;)slapfreak

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Fighters, Mages and Hybrids (builds, leveling guides, tips) (useful AOwiki links: Skills, Warriors, Mages, Hybrids - you can add your builds here)
General Guide for Hybrid Characters Fuzzbrain
How to make your personal build! Korallen
PvP Build Theory Konru
[CHARACTER BUILD] Guide on Combat/Magic Hybrid Characters qqqest123
Job Description and Build .Choose what u like :DDescriptions of various classes and hybrids efandnkill
AO Builds Sanctuary.... Post your guides for hybrids etc... EnterNameHere

Basic classes and their hybrid variations
AOE protector build+ leveling, equipment guideProtectors - very detailed guide IcyHell
AOE mage build+ leveling, equipment guideMages - very detailed guideIcyHell
Protector guide & FAQProtectorKonru
Swordsman GuideSwordsmanZygroth
Guide: Spearman's PrideSpearmanWarhawkxt
SpearMan,How to become BIG!Spearmanjkingor
Archer Of LightArcher novo1986
Truth Behind an ArcherArcher (partially was copied from: ~The Might of The Archer!~)iDGProduction
~The Might of The Archer!~Archer Korallen
Hybrid Archer BuildsArcherHardShelled
Pure Wraith Summoner GuideSummoner Silerphix
Solo-bossing as a summonerSummoner - killing a bossStrijkijzer
Auto bossing with summonerSummoner - killing a boss AB settingsilva25
Lazy killing! a summoners guide to boss killing alone w/out healerSummoner - killing a boss (old)kyle411
Ultimate summoner terra boting guideSummoner - trainingtachikoma23
a neat trick for training summonersSummoner - training (old)kyle411

Pure Fighter and Fighter/Mage hybrids
Robot Build [ M.Soilder / Warrior ]Robot-FighterMoriYuki
The LancerAxe/Spearman gabjus13
Melee Hybrid Guide[Build Help]Protector/Fighter Valkiazer
Sword/Shield build and training tips for Swordsmans without healerProtector/Swordsman xFallenAngelsx
Protector/Bow Hybrid GuideProtector/Archercrazychick1988
The Comprehensive "Heavy Archer" guide for the complete newbieAxe/Spear/Archervintagebeat
Priest-Archer Hybrid survival guideLife/Archer - very detailedKonru
Spamming Chaos Archer Hybrid Build Guide of DoomChaos/Archersynsane
Hybrid Class Guide: Chaos Archer of DestructionChaos/Archerloverdoll
Earth ARcher Build!Earth/Archeryayitssen
Earth Archer, Leveling, Money and Pet GuideEarth/Archerbenjif3
Making a Paladin/CrusaderMage/ProtectorJesusChristz
{ PvP M.Soldier Build }Life/Chaos/Warriorchigger
Chaos Axe Etc.Chaos/Warriorhengli123
Overlord BuildEarth/Wraith/Fightersparklydemon
Death General BuildWraith/Warrior MoriYuki
Shadow Knight BuildWraith/Swordsman Dirge420
How to make the Hybrid of your likingvarious hybridsDarktaco

Pure Mage hybrids
Massive Earth//Wraith Hybrid GuideEarth/Wraith Mage - seperate site Korallen
[Wraith//Earth] Hybrid Guide!Earth/Wraith Mage Korallen
NecroDruid (Wraith/earth) GuideEarth/Wraith Mageghostwolfxiii
guide for earth/wraith hybird!Earth/Wraith Mageojamangel
[Healbot Life//Earth Hybrid Priest Guide]Life/Earth MageAbuse
[Character Guide] || Life/Chaos || Mage Build {Newbie} GuideLife/Chaos Mageishtoopeed
wraith chaos guideWraith/Chaos MageZept0s4
Chaos/Wraith GuideWraith/Chaos MageIyeru
A lesson on HealingPriests' tipsEsdarke
Hybrid Wizards: If you have a good tip, post it here!Tip about mage skillsiceblast678
train life chaos hybrid mage^^ lichofanrear

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Producers level 1-60 Zephyrius
Chii's Guide on Proper Equipments weirdlaine
Be A Successful Weaponsmith!Weaponsmithsora656
nollan's chef guideChef nreytagle04
Guide on Making A TechnicianTechnicianweirdlaine
Pictoral Guide for Tailoring Chefs (Part 2) (Part 3)Chef/TailorRingoSama
Miner Character GuideWeaponsmith/Armorsmithtapulao
The NEW Advance Chef Producer Guide Is HereChef - PDF file - Outdated TheHebGod
All-in-2 Production HeIIMiner2
Producers' HomeBasic Producers' FAQ. Already old and contains small mistakeschairleg
Producer's FAQ Oninji
Quick Guide to starting a production classVery outdatedmax9183

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