[Guide] Pet Evolution Charts

Pet Evolution Charts

I'll be posting them up as I make them ^^
Fire Eggs

Water Egg

Earth Pet

Beast Egg

Wild Animal Egg

Nature Egg

Fairy Egg

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Great!  I'll be watching this like a hawk, when you've got some more info, at least for the other two elves, I'll be digesting it.  Though, you may want to just edit the first post to contain all the info instead of posting repeatedly.


Beautiful I hope you get karma or credits
You're doing it right, based on the style of the final evolutions it seems right.
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Do you have further info, such as where or how to get the eggs?  It'd be great if you could edit the posts for each egg type with that kind of thing.


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Wicked. Now I can see what kind of my pet gonna end up as.
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All the pictures are broken for me
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Man, I want one of those fairy eggs (just the egg form). -_- I'd give someone my level 17 Water Elf for that egg. and some of my equipment. (PM me or something if you want to do as such. Only if the pet has 40 intimacy or higher.)

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The Beast Egg is just...beautiful. I know for a fact that I don't have enough to buy one, so I'll have to try my wimpy luck on finding it.

Awesome job on the chart, by the way.^^
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haha the lvl 55 fire beasts look kick-ass on their motorbikes