[Experience] Ask For Strategy Event: Boss Hunting

Ask For Strategy Event: Boss Hunting

Well, in here i want to describe details about angel baby system that will help us to defeat bosses. First of all, yes, you do need to have a friend that can heal or you create an alternate character that can heal. It is easier to do boss hunting with angel system, because I have tried it myself. And it works like a charm.

First of all, you need to have an attacker, (even a producer can do it, but he will need pet assistant.) and a healer to heal him.

In here you have to set auto use hp like 50%, just in case the healer cant support your hp loss. also click on auto use mp pots at 50% so that you dont have t press many buttons at the same time. Thats one of the angel baby convenience lol. Thirdly click on auto accept to revive in case you are dead. In addition, you can also set the skill even the foods in auto use spell assistant and items.

Done with the attacker, now we move to healer.

In Others bar, click on aid teammates hp when lower 90% on the safe side. DONT ever click on Only Aid Following One and TRACK teammates because you will be dragged near boss and will be hit by the boss aoe also. You dont want to be a burden to attacker right? Put your best healing technique like a mighty cure 3, 4 or 5 lol to recover your teammate HP.

On the assist bar, click on auto use Hp and MP ESPECIALLY on MP, because you probably will be drained out of MP while healing your teammate. For the HP, you can put angel tears and potions for emergency in case you get attacked by aggressive monster while healing your teammate. Auto use the assistant spell and share it with your teammates so that you dont have to worry if your teammates buff faded. Click on auto revive others and choose revive teammate so that your teammate can be revived instantly so that the boss wont chasing you rofl.

Well, I hope this guide can help you to boss hunt more efficiently, which cut your expenses on pots and to make the  boss hunting much easier.

P/S: the healer can draw out his pet (nature is most suitable) and aid his teammate to victory!   Well, this is because the healer can also choose to heal/buffs own pet and teammates pet easily, thus making to kill boss faster.


Character Name: Garfield
Server: Nisroc
Level: 63

Hail to DMC!!!


Those screenshots were in Sofiel, Baletto used kittycat as an example lol.

Bangis:Sofiel:Quit a long time ago:~~~o


When I'm bossing, I turn off auto-buff.  Kind of annoying when the bot drops everything (even when you're moving) to buff up.


Yes, it is annoying. So the best way is to turn it off before starting to attack the boss. Actually the main cause is because you attack the boss like 1mins before the buffs fade out. Well, you can imagine like this two situation;
1. When u attacking the boss, buffs faded. The damaged u took getting heavy and u have to bear the damage until the boss died.
2. The buffs faded, u have to bear the heavy damage just for a while because the healer buffs u back, then u will receive normal damaged until the boss died.

Which one will you choose? Either way, good luck for u to get the rare item(s)!!


Thanks for the tips


How come none ever do these for mages?