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mirceaaremere2 4-8-2011 13:21

Gulp room for Elite(bazac)


i need to kill bazac for elite quest..\
some friends told me that i need to get one key from 2nd map in Gulp and then go MKP het key for Bazac..

but i can't get the key in Gulp(2nd map)

i have some printscreens..so if anyone can tell me how to end this pls tell me..

i first done MKP till that giant gate..then i went to gulp for key and i can't get it

SolemnLitany 4-8-2011 13:22

You have to do the dungeon main quest to get inside.
The dungeon main quest branches off of the eden main quest (after asmode).

mirceaaremere2 4-8-2011 13:26

but do i have to do all this only to kill bazac?

SolemnLitany 4-8-2011 13:29

You could go through Gulp with someone who has already done the quest to open the way.
The key drops from Beelzebub at the end of MKP and you can only open that gate during the main dungeon quest, or with someone who has passed it.  Although, I'm not sure if you can get the key unless you've progressed that far in the quest.  it's good credits regardless, but if you really are in a hurry just get a friend to join you through Gulp that's already done the main dungeon quest, and they should be able to guide you through to Bazac.

mirceaaremere2 4-8-2011 13:30

ok i'll try find one friend that ended this already:d

ty for ur help:)

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JdeDragon 4-8-2011 13:35


Had to dig around a bit for it but here it is. Says it better then I can. But yeah for that chest in Gulp you need to do MKP quest first...there will a door in MKP that you can't open. And in order to fight Bazac you need to first kill Demon Kidace and Beelzebub in Gulp room first, then re-talk to the statue.

SolemnLitany 4-8-2011 13:59

Also just to add onto the whole "Spacious Bank" thing for the Bazac fight in that guide.
You CAN leave with wings.  As long as there are people there fighting Bazac, you can keep whittling down his HP and take turns repotting.  I've done it before xD He has a lot of HP though >__>

JdeDragon 4-8-2011 14:17

Well in case you wanted to see how the fight would look like: [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvKuFB6oCFo[/url]
And yes I'm in it xD

deion222 4-8-2011 14:34

A friend of mine with top lvl 120 gear and staff with shark5 took 10mins to kill that boss

he had to do it all by himself with just a healer and the assassin who was taking the quest

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mirceaaremere2 4-8-2011 14:43

the boss is not that hard cuz i have friends to finish it for me...

someone told me that first boss(96 elite) will take me like 1hr in team..and it was dead in like 7min... with 2 ppl in team..

i just need to find someone with keys so i can go to kill it

anyway thx for all your help..:D

i hope i can end it tomorrow:D

thx again
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Full Version: Gulp room for Elite(bazac)